Bleep says this about R23X: "R23X commits the latest futurism heavy vaporwave manual to the tech-savvy masses...The overall sound is sort of vaporwave concrète, industrial mechanisms and found sound samples create a disorientating feel that travels deep into the realms of Amon Tobin's Foley Room...R23X transverses between trap-laden RNB to rhythmically mechanical blocks of hypnotic repetition...expanding into a glossy puzzle like structure that in parts, resembles the same crackly city streets of Los Angeles by Flying Lotus. Except this time it's been plunged into the dead of night, with the street lights turned on to the neon glow of DVA [Hi:Emotions] and Bok Bok's grime, mapping out the way forward with a menacing realness that reflects the uncertain times it has been created in." ~BLEEP (UK)

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R23X is a composer/producer/multimedia artist.

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RE-GEN EP (2017) Yetee Records

VELTAHL (2016) Yetee Records

SOUND_TRACK ~ [MP3].torrent (2015) Plus100 Records

OSV - Original Sound Version (2015)

OST(1).rar (2014) Yetee Records

*Beat Tapes*

Lost in Time (2018) Plus100 Records

Katamari Fantasy (2017) Yetee Records

サウンド - RPG (2015) Gentle Records


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